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1drop released iOS App.





1drop has registered an App For iOS. Heretofore 1drop App has been installed in the specific smartphones (Galaxy J3.etc) and provided. 

This registration makes it compatible with more various types of smartphones. Anyone can download the App and test easily if they have back-cover and cartridge.

Starting with this registration 1drop will continuously update App to provide customer high convenience.


Currently, the 0.1 version app is registered in the App Store and the 0.9 beta version App will be completed before CES 2020 exhibition. The 1.0 version App will be 

officially released before the ARAB HEALTH 2020 exhibition.

If you visit the 1drop booth (No.61211) during the CES 2020 exhibition, the visitors can take the demonstration by using this App, back-cover and cartridge. 

Also, visitors using an iphone8/iphone11 smartphone can test it immediately after download the 1drop App and put on back-cover and cartridge we provide.

We look forward to your continued interest.