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2019 KOICA CTS Business Agreement






Last May, 1drop has made a CTS (Creative Technology Solution) business agreement with KOICA and is going to perform a support project for the next 18 months.

CTS program by KOICA is to support potential startups with unique technologies/ideas by providing seed money and accelerate their growth as well as helping them enter developing countries’ markets through KOICA global network.

1drop, at this time, is willing to contribute to the decline of infant death rate through the management of infant jaundice in Myanmar by using 1drop™ products.

Please expect 1drop’s future activities, which is listed as one of KOICA’s cooperative development partners.

What is the CTS business?
The program that creates changes in developing countries is designed to apply innovative ideas and technologies from companies to ODA within 10 years to help them find solutions to the difficult development cooperation challenges that were previously difficult and to enhance the effectiveness of development cooperation projects.