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Clinical Chemistry


1drop Inc. aims to lead the global industry in the healthcare field by developing and making possible world-class technology, encompassing fields including clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics and immunoassays.

We will continue to focus on R&D so that customers can utilize our best technological innovations
with pre-existing products.

Blood plasma separation with
a single-membrane structure

1drop's products for use in the clinical chemistry field consist of innovative ideas
that make possible the most effective biosensors with simple structures.

With just a single membrane, we can simultaneously separate plasma from blood and conduct blood tests, ensuring both affordability and performance.
We can even measure different biomarkers using the same structure.


Measurement technology using camera / flash features in smartphones

We have developed innovative technology that uses the camera and flash features in smartphones - perfect for measuring biomarkers.


1drop Inc. has developed biosensors that detect anemia, gout, cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, and many more biomarkers to create its original, proprietary technology.

Development Completed

  • Hemo


  • UA


  • Glu


  • TC


Plans for future development

  • DBIL

  • TP

  • GGT

  • ALT

  • LDL

  • TRIG

  • Antioxidant activity

  • CI

  • TBIL

  • ALB

  • AST

  • ALP

  • BDL

  • AMY

  • CREA

  • Reactive oxygen

  • BUN

  • Na

  • K

1copy™ Probe Technology

Molecular diagnostics is a method of diagnosing diseases by detecting RNA, DNA, etc. present in biological materials at the molecular level. The advantages of molecular diagnostics are that it shows a high level of accuracy - even with a small sample - and it is great for early detection and personalized and precision treatment. 1copy™ Probe, the core technology of 1drop Inc. molecular diagnostics, is a hybrid of RNA within cleavable probes. This allows for a very high probe degradation efficiency and ultimately higher fluorescence intensity. Additionally, we have developed a new type of enzyme called RNase, which is very heat-resistant and appropriate for hot-start methods, which also allows for a higher probe degradation efficiency. Through this technology, we can detect DNA and RNA stably at the single molecule level.



1drop Inc. is developing smart phone technology that can be used not only in clinical chemistry, but also in immunoassay.
We are in the process of developing a machine-learning based POCT immunoassay system that utilizes smartphone's high-resolution cameras and computing power to boost qualitative LFIA (Lateral Flow Immunochromatography Assay) up to make possible more accurate quantitative analysis.
We plan to speed up the development of this new system, expected to have high precision,
to commercialize it in the near future.

Currently Holding Patents
(Intelle Property Rights)

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Strip to Measure Biometric Information 10-2018-0001815
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