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The user can test for biomarkers with a single drop of blood with just a smartphone
and low price biosensors. No need for a special device.


1drop™ products allow the patient
to add new biomarkers just by updating the 1drop™ smartphone application.
We plan to support more over 23 biomarkers for measurement.


Instead of having to learn to operate a complicated medical device, the patient can test for health problems easily and conveniently through a smartphone.


How to test



Smartphone Case

Power Adapter(optional)

Charging Cable(optional)


Control Solution(optional)

User Manual


Lancing Device(optional)

Alcohol Swab(optional)


For Individuals

Supported on iPhone 11 / TCL LX / iPhone X / iPhone 8 / Galaxy S7 / Galaxy J3 / Galaxy On7 Prime
Features - Normal range of biomarkers
- Results with graphs
- Personalized memos

For Professionals

Supported on iPhone 11 / TCL LX / iPhone X / iPhone 8 / Galaxy S7 / Galaxy J3 / Galaxy On7 Prime
Features - ID System (for tester and patient)
- Quality Control

2.2.0 Version Updates

New Features

  • 1. Scheduling Notification/Alarm

    • - Allow user to set notification/alarm for a reminder to take measurements.
    • - Show all notifications/alarms set by user in a list on “Home” screen.
    • - Allow user to tap on notification/alarm to measure immediately.


  • 1. Allow user to view time for both results obtained and notification/alarm on “Home” screen.

  • 2. Modification of result format in “Share” function

    • - “Home” screen : Deletion of “Share” button
    • - “Report” screen: Results organized into text
    • - “Graph” screen: Entire image of graph
    • - “Logbook” screen: Entire image of logbook
  • 3. Minor Bug Fixes

    • - Fixed issue with the “Report Error” button showing for expired results that cannot be reported.
    • - Fixed issue with irregular font sizes in checklist for meals in “Results” screen.

2.1.0 Version Updates

New Features

  • 1. Multiple Profile Registration

    • - Supports multiple users to use one smartphone device to take measurements and manage data separately.
    • - Allow up to 6 users to register their profiles and set up their own target ranges.
    • - Allow user to confirm or change profile right before measuring.


  • 1. Fixed issue with measurements not progressing to next step during calibration.


  • 1. Allow user to view results categorized into Total/Before Meal/After Meal on “Report”.

  • 2. Minor Modifications/Changes

    • - Maintain “View More” when returning from “Review Data”.
    • - Updated “App Overview”.

2.0.40 Version Updates

New Features

  • 1. Reporting Error on Data

    • - Allow user to forward his/her data to 1drop if an error occurs or results seem inaccurate.
    • - Analyze error to improve app performance and give feedback to users who have contacted 1drop with faulty performance when using the app.
    • - Allow user to report error via “Report”, “Review Data” and “Contact Us” on “MyPage”


  • 1. Allow user to go back to the previous step during measuring process.


  • 1. Added notice to show changed items when modifying target range.

  • 2.Added Walk Through for “Report” screen.

  • 3.Minor Modifications/Changes

    • - Modified “X” icon to a bigger “OK” button at the bottom of “Report”.
    • - Adjusted volume of TTS.
  • 3. Minor Bug Fixes

    • - Fixed issue with measuring guide banner remaining even after beginner mode has ended.
    • - Fixed issue with “Logbook” tab not recognizing touch.

2.0.0 Version Updates

New Features

  • 1. Profile Input

    • - Added space for date of birth, gender, pregnancy status, etc.
  • 2. Target Range Setup

    • - Provide personalized target range based on profile input.
    • - Allow user to enter target range based on his/her target goal.
  • 3. Added “App Overview” for detailed instructions on how to use the app.


  • 1. Seamless Measuring Process

    • - Once cartridge is inserted and smartphone device is placed on a flat surface with the back facing up, measuring will start automatically.
  • 2. Measuring in Beginner-mode

    • - Provide guidelines with each step of the process for first-time users.


  • 1. Changed design and theme color.

  • 2. Added “Home” screen

    • - Provide banners to show daily health status and suggest helpful actions.
  • 3. “Report” screen

    • - Display target range that is marked in different colors in graph/logbook for easier understanding.
    • - Allow user to review specific data in graph/logbook.
    • - Added landscape view to access logbook at a single glance.


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