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1copy™ PML-RARA kit is to diagnose acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) which is a type of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). This kit is using for acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL)’s treatment or recurrence monitoring.

Fast and Convenient

The 1copy™ PML-RARA qPCR kit can detect the multiple mRNA’s target gene in a single step,
and it makes fast and convenient to use.

1copy™ PML-RARA
Turn-around Time 2hours 3hours 30minutes
Hands-on time 20minutes 1hour

Limit of detection

Limit of detection
Determination of Lod with NB-4 RNA serial dilution test pg 1copy™ A B
1000 o(100%) o(100%) o(100%)
500 o(100%) o(100%) o(100%)
200 o(100%)
100 o(95%)
50 o(70%)
20 △(40%)
10 △(20%)
x x x
Character 1step qRT PCR kit Only for PCR (Does not include the RT reaction) Only for PCR (Does not include the RT reaction)

Detection target region(Genotype coverage)

1copy™ PML-RARA kit can detect the 3types (bcr1, bcr2, bcr3) of genotype in a 1 time test.

  • PML-RARA Probe
  • ABL Probe


Experimental step Single step
Limit of detection 1ng(~5copies, >95%,cl)
Target 3 Species fusion mRNA (bcr1, bcr2, bcr3)
Time 2hours
Specimen (Collection Specimen) Total RNA(Blood, Marrow)
Internal Control Gene ABL1
Measurable disease APL(Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia)
Catalog number M20MD100P


Kit contents Cap Volume
(100 Test)
Master mix Red 1000 ㎕
Primer Probe mix Brown
  (Amber tube)
PML-RARA Standard1
(1Ⅹ10⁶ copy / 2 ㎕)
Green 50㎕
PML-RARA Standard2
(1Ⅹ10⁵ copy / 2 ㎕)
Green 50㎕
PML-RARA Standard3
(1Ⅹ10³ copy / 2 ㎕)
Green 50㎕
PML-RARA Standard4
(1Ⅹ10² copy / 2 ㎕)
Green 50㎕
ABL1 Standard1
(1Ⅹ10⁶ copy / 2 ㎕)
Blue 50㎕
ABL1 Standard2
(1Ⅹ10⁵ copy / 2 ㎕)
Blue 50㎕
ABL1 Standard3
(1Ⅹ10⁴copy / 2 ㎕)
Blue 50㎕
Control Yellow 50㎕
DEPC Water Clear 1000㎕


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